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7 Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Compared to a lot of online or at-home jobs we’ve covered, these don’t involve starting your own company or your own website. I’m focusing here on jobs that are already set up by an organized company that require no experience and you can start within a week.

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What It Takes to Get to Financial Freedom

We also thought it was important to address the first steps to take to reach financial independence… and also acknowledge that not everyone is currently in a position to get to financial freedom. The truth is, ‘just save more’ or ‘be frugal’ are not adequate pieces of advice if you’re in a tough situation. Sometimes, you need to do more than just cut back on consumerism.

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Start a Successful Business at Home: The Ultimate Guide

In the next five minutes you can start a blog or purchase a $1,000 course. But that won’t give you a business.

That will give you a thing that can become a business, once you take the time to actually plan, consider your goals, and do the work.

I want to protect you from wasting money and hours, months, or years of time hustling for a business that isn’t right for you. From facing setbacks you could have avoided had you asked the right questions. From buying thousands of dollars of MLM inventory your friends don’t want.

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