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Middletons curator. Paying off high student debt on a middleton income while dreaming of financial independence. Reader, writer, avid podcast listener, dog-mom.

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Friday Features for frugal folks! How to be Frugal Even When You’re Not [Video] – Beat The Bush on YouTube Simple frugal living habits …


My Reminder That Job Security is a Fantasy

This incident reminded me that when it comes to a job, no one cares about your qualifications or dedication to the organization. There are rules and procedures to be adhered to, and if you step outside of those, your employer holds the power to end your livelihood in a matter of days—or less.

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Financial Independence… Is It For Me?

As a fellow social justice warrior, I do love my career in the non-profit sector. Sure, I don’t make a lot but I love helping others. I believe it’s my life’s mission to help youth who have or have had similar circumstances that I did growing up. As corny as that sounds, it’s what I fully believed and still do to this day. I’m happy at my day job, and unlike so many others. I don’t actually hate Mondays.

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