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Middletons curator. Living in a HCOL area on a modest salary and blogging about it along the way. Hiking enthusiast, voracious reader, and crazy plant lady.

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Feeling Rich and Feeling Poor

It takes conscious effort to look seriously at things beyond the immediate future. You have to train yourself to start considering the long-term consequences of your daily choices and use them as a pro-and-con with those immediate choices.

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Non-Violent Communication & Money: 10 Most Common Jackal Beliefs About Money

Whenever I tell myself ‘I can’t afford this,’ I feel a little sad or frustrated, and so what I want to do is be aware that this is a thought—a Jackal—when actually, there is a choice, right? I’m choosing not to buy something because I want to spend my money on my rent. I don’t want to spend my money on this car because I can get a second-hard car and I prefer to spend the rest of my money on the gym. There is a choice there.

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