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How I Increased My Salary by 100% in 4 Years… After a Layoff

We weren’t sure how long it would take to get another job and what job that might be. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this was a low point in my career, or at least I thought it would be.

Now, this could be a sob story about how unemployed life is hard, but it’s not.

Since I was laid off 4 years ½ years ago, I have increased my salary by over 100%.

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How Disney World Helped Me Teach My Kids About Saving Money

We love Disney movies. We’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida several times. We play Disney themed board games at our house on family fun nights. I’m typing this article while wearing pink Mickey Mouse pajama pants.

Big. Disney. Nerds.

So, when my son and daughter asked about taking a trip to Walt Disney World, inspiration struck. I knew this could be a great opportunity to teach my kids a hands-on lesson about budgeting and saving money to reach a bigger goal.

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How I Went from Making $14,000 to Six Figures

I was making about $14,000 a year when I became pregnant with my daughter… I was nowhere near my family, I didn’t even have a car or a driver’s license, and within a few months later, I didn’t have a fiancé either. So how did I go from that point to being a lawyer earning a six-figure salary? Well…

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5 Signs You Are Ready To Buy A House

I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was thinking about it for years before, but I never made any move. The signs just weren’t there. I didn’t know what to look for. And then reality hit and I bought a place within 4 days of being on the market.

It’s a miracle that everything turned out the way it did really.

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How To Stop Emotional Spending From Ruining Your Finances With Ericka Young

When we really got serious was when we had our first child, and we didn’t have enough money to fix our car that had broke down on the side of the road. And we had a thousand dollars worth of repairs, which—in the grand scheme of life—is not earth-shattering, but because we did not have it and we had an infant to cart around, we were really concerned. And so what does a person do when they can’t fix their car but they need a vehicle to get to work?

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Frugal Out of Necessity, Frugal Out of Choice

Not all people who follow a frugal path are doing it for the same reasons. Some simply have to do it and find themselves making choices based solely on the sticker price. Others want to do it because they want to preserve value for other things or they have other values that align well with frugal choices.

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Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster or Invest?

This can actually be a very controversial topic. And we’ve talked to people who firmly believe that you should get to paying off your mortgage and living mortgage-free as soon as possible, and we’ve also talked to people who firmly believe the exact opposite!

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