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You Are Wrong About College

And no, this is not an article about the cost of college compared to the salary you will make. Nor is it the one that compares the income of college graduates to high school graduates.

This piece is about the hard to define value of college that is worth its weight in gold.

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How We Got Out Of Debt FAST!

Stick to it, stick to it like glue! Stick to it like a spider on the wall! You really have to make it a priority in your life, and make it something that your life is now about.

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How to Buy a House in 12 Weeks

So whether your home buying journey takes 12 weeks or 6 months, once you understand step-by-step how to plan properly, it demystifies the entire process and provides a clear road-map on how to become a homeowner!


Saving 50% of Your Income (While Making Less Than $40K)

In her twenties she had 40 jobs, including dishwasher, stripper economist, social worker, tax preparer, organic farmer, bagel deliverer, zine librarian, database wizard, and bicycle valet. She has lived in a geodesic dome made of recycled political yard signs and ridden trains in 31 countries. She is pretty good at saving money.

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Lessons From a $30,000 Cat Scratch

People often say “not to sweat the small things” when trying to save money. That the $5 daily Starbucks will not make a dent in your savings and retirement outlook. However, these little expenses do add up and eventually can cause a big problem.

For me, what started out as an innocent looking scratch, turned into a $30,000, six night stay in the hospital.

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Financial Independence Means Following Your Passions

With my history of settling for jobs to pay the bills, I had bought into a mindset that following your dreams was impossible. It didn’t happen all at once either. Because I am the type of person to fully commit to what I am doing, I slowly formed underlying beliefs that following my passions was a fool’s errand.

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Downsizing Isn’t Right for Everyone

Forget the numbers, forget the idea that you NEED more or NEED less for that matter. Step back and look at what’s important to you, TALK to your partner, and make a decision based on your values, goals and financial plan

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How I Save Half of My Income as a Firefighter, While Living in an Expensive City

Kim has saved (or repaid debt of) $141,500 within five years, as a firefighter with a starting salary of $42,000, excluding the additional money she’s invested into her rental.

She’s saved more than 3x her starting salary, within her first five years on the job.

And she’s done this while earning a middle-class public service salary in an expensive city.


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