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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Friday Features

We like to mix things up on Fridays here at the Middletons, and instead of just giving you a few pieces of the best personal finance content for Middletons… we give you a few extra pieces and all around one specific theme!

This week’s theme is the Health Savings Account (HSA). It’s Open Enrollment time (or soon to be) for a lot of health plans, so we wanted to give you everything you need to know in case you’re offered a choice between plans that do and do not offer an HSA:

HSA Basics and How I Get Free Medical Too [Article] – That Frugal Pharmacist

High Deductible Health Plan vs PPO (HSA Explained) [Video] – Debt Free Dana

Why Use an HSA [Video] – Distilled Dollar

All About The Health Savings Account (HSA) -The Ultimate Retirement and Investment Account w/ Jackie Koski [Audio] –  Journey to Launch

The Problem with the HSA (Health Savings Account) Isn’t the HSA [Article] – Our Next Life

HSAs are Amazing Retirement Accounts … Unless You Live in AL, NJ, or CA [Article] – Seonwoo’s Musings


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