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Investing for Beginners

Friday Features

Investing can seem intimidating or downright scary if you’ve never jumped in and done it before, or if you’ve tried in the past and had a bad experience. But these resources will help you feel better about investing and get started, so you can grow your money and put it work for you!

How to Be a Good Investor: A Dating Game! [Explicit] [Article] – Dumpster Dog Blog

How to Invest Your First $1,000 and Double Your Money (In Time) [Article] – Minafi

How Do I Start Investing? 4 Ways to Invest as a Beginner [Video] – Half Banked

6 Investing Mistakes You Probably Should Avoid (Or Don’t, I’m Not Your Momma) [Article] – The Frugal Gene

How to Know If You’re Investing Right with Pauline Shum Nolan [Audio, Video] – Mo’ Money Podcast

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