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Ways to Save: Goodbye Paper Products!

Getting ahead financially on such a small income requires what I call a ‘death of a thousand paper cuts’ in regards to finances. Yes, there are a few big things you can cut and feel amazing about. The low hanging fruit, cable and what not. After that? It’s much harder, and it’s a couple bucks here and a tenner there. Here is one way I cut costs over time that continues to this day.

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How We Paid Off $58,704 in 24 Months

The first thing we had to do, once I added up all the debt, once I had my UGH-Sick-and-Tired Moment, we had to get real with our spending. So, I needed to see where exactly all this money had gone. We don’t live in the lap of luxury. Yeah, we have a flat screen television. The couch behind me? Bought that secondhand. Fancy car in the driveway? Nah, at the time we were driving an ’07 Honda Odyssey minivan. We really didn’t have anything to show for the almost-$60,000 in debt that we in fact had.

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Save Money on Dental – With or Without Insurance

Here’s the thing: Teeth can be really, really expensive – really expensive and most dental is not covered by typical health insurance. Some emergency dental might be covered by your regular health insurance, but majority of dental work is something that you are going to have to self-fund or will be partially covered by your health insurance. And what’s even more frustrating is the cost of dental procedures can be totally opaque.

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How To Really Save Money Shopping Online

The internet has made shopping a whole lot easier. It means I can sit at home in my pajamas and comparison shop a dozen sites in a half an hour while sipping a cup of tea.

That beats the exhaustion that comes from driving around to a bunch of different stores all day to compare prices and pick up stuff all over town.

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Purchasing My Freedom: How I Reclaimed 6 Years of My Life

Looking at the math, he’s absolutely right — my response to spending impulses (hobbies, clothing, electronics…) determines whether I spend my life doggy paddling and gasping for air or become an olympic swimmer.

The mundane choices we make every day reverberate years into the future.

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Charlie Munger: The First $100,000 is a B*tch

The first $100k is such a pain because most of it is purely based on how much you save. When you have less than $100k, you have very little investment returns helping propel your net worth higher. It’s all about how much money you can throw in your bank account each month.

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