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Friday Features for frugal folks! How to be Frugal Even When You’re Not [Video] – Beat The Bush on YouTube Simple frugal living habits …


Downsizing Isn’t Right for Everyone

Forget the numbers, forget the idea that you NEED more or NEED less for that matter. Step back and look at what’s important to you, TALK to your partner, and make a decision based on your values, goals and financial plan

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How I Save Half of My Income as a Firefighter, While Living in an Expensive City

Kim has saved (or repaid debt of) $141,500 within five years, as a firefighter with a starting salary of $42,000, excluding the additional money she’s invested into her rental.

She’s saved more than 3x her starting salary, within her first five years on the job.

And she’s done this while earning a middle-class public service salary in an expensive city.


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