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The 7 Best Budgeting Methods

If you’re ruling your own kingdom and try to apply another king’s methods to your kingdom, it’s not going to work because your kingdom is different. Your kingdom is your finances.

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How We Paid Off $58,704 in 24 Months

The first thing we had to do, once I added up all the debt, once I had my UGH-Sick-and-Tired Moment, we had to get real with our spending. So, I needed to see where exactly all this money had gone. We don’t live in the lap of luxury. Yeah, we have a flat screen television. The couch behind me? Bought that secondhand. Fancy car in the driveway? Nah, at the time we were driving an ’07 Honda Odyssey minivan. We really didn’t have anything to show for the almost-$60,000 in debt that we in fact had.

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Money Layers in Society and Relationships

It’s so clear how these principles can affect an entire generation of African Americans. We consider the wealth gap to be a crisis, and we’ve seen firsthand how transparency around money has changed our marriage for the better, and improved our financial outlook. And raising a son in a debt-free household changes the way that we parent, it changes the choices that are available to us.

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My Completely Unsexy Debt Payoff Story

So no, I don’t have a sexy debt payoff story at all. I didn’t save half of my income right out of college so I could pay off my debt right away. I didn’t pay off truly intimidating and inspiring amounts of debt in a single year.

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