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10 Financial Goals to Conquer in Your 30s

Now, it is no surprise that most rich people are reviewing their goals and making goals. Author Thomas Corley, Rich Habits, found that 62% of all rich people not just set goals but they review them every single day. When is the last time you reviewed your goals?

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Money Layers in Society and Relationships

It’s so clear how these principles can affect an entire generation of African Americans. We consider the wealth gap to be a crisis, and we’ve seen firsthand how transparency around money has changed our marriage for the better, and improved our financial outlook. And raising a son in a debt-free household changes the way that we parent, it changes the choices that are available to us.

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How We Thrive As A Single Income Family

Most young couples that I know are at least intrigued by the possibility of living a single-income lifestyle. Many of them feel that it just can’t be done with the cost of living, payments, education etc. and so they just accept the way that things are. This post is written as an encouragement to anybody who is considering becoming a one-income family.

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Downsizing Isn’t Right for Everyone

Forget the numbers, forget the idea that you NEED more or NEED less for that matter. Step back and look at what’s important to you, TALK to your partner, and make a decision based on your values, goals and financial plan

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