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Documents You Need to File Your 2018 Tax Return

So before you start working with your tax preparer or open up your tax software, either the package you bought or downloaded or are using via Free File (yes, it’s already open), here are some things to think about and documents that you might need to do the job.

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Save Money on Dental – With or Without Insurance

Here’s the thing: Teeth can be really, really expensive – really expensive and most dental is not covered by typical health insurance. Some emergency dental might be covered by your regular health insurance, but majority of dental work is something that you are going to have to self-fund or will be partially covered by your health insurance. And what’s even more frustrating is the cost of dental procedures can be totally opaque.

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Lessons From a $30,000 Cat Scratch

People often say “not to sweat the small things” when trying to save money. That the $5 daily Starbucks will not make a dent in your savings and retirement outlook. However, these little expenses do add up and eventually can cause a big problem.

For me, what started out as an innocent looking scratch, turned into a $30,000, six night stay in the hospital.

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