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Lessons From a $30,000 Cat Scratch

People often say “not to sweat the small things” when trying to save money. That the $5 daily Starbucks will not make a dent in your savings and retirement outlook. However, these little expenses do add up and eventually can cause a big problem.

For me, what started out as an innocent looking scratch, turned into a $30,000, six night stay in the hospital.

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Financial Independence… Is It For Me?

As a fellow social justice warrior, I do love my career in the non-profit sector. Sure, I don’t make a lot but I love helping others. I believe it’s my life’s mission to help youth who have or have had similar circumstances that I did growing up. As corny as that sounds, it’s what I fully believed and still do to this day. I’m happy at my day job, and unlike so many others. I don’t actually hate Mondays.

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