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The Financial Content Creator Ethics Pledge

As a reader, I never really gave a thought to how I could tell a good actor from a bad one. If I enjoyed the blog, I would read it. If I didn’t enjoy it, I would stop…

I never gave a thought to their ethics, or ethical standards of blogging. Why would I? I enjoyed all this free content. It kept me entertained, educated me, and helped me in my financial path. I was grateful for all these strangers on the internet that spent so much time creating helpful information for me to consume.

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Fyre Failure, Fyre Fraud – Four Lessons For Us All

As I was watching the train-wreck that was the Inaugural (and only) Fyre Festival unfold, what jumped out at me wasn’t just the story of the con, or the lengths to which people were willing to go to pull this thing off (cough, Andy, cough).

Instead, I took away four lessons we can all use in our everyday lives.

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