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Couple Quit $76,000 Per Year Jobs to Make $1 Million?

And it clicked with me at that moment, I knew that we had given our life away, given our freedom away. We had given control over our life to someone else—our employer—for a little bit of health insurance, a little bit of job security. And this person thought because they paid my paycheck and bought me that insurance, that they could tell me what was more important than my child.

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How Disney World Helped Me Teach My Kids About Saving Money

We love Disney movies. We’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida several times. We play Disney themed board games at our house on family fun nights. I’m typing this article while wearing pink Mickey Mouse pajama pants.

Big. Disney. Nerds.

So, when my son and daughter asked about taking a trip to Walt Disney World, inspiration struck. I knew this could be a great opportunity to teach my kids a hands-on lesson about budgeting and saving money to reach a bigger goal.

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