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Start a Successful Business at Home: The Ultimate Guide

In the next five minutes you can start a blog or purchase a $1,000 course. But that won’t give you a business.

That will give you a thing that can become a business, once you take the time to actually plan, consider your goals, and do the work.

I want to protect you from wasting money and hours, months, or years of time hustling for a business that isn’t right for you. From facing setbacks you could have avoided had you asked the right questions. From buying thousands of dollars of MLM inventory your friends don’t want.

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Couple Quit $76,000 Per Year Jobs to Make $1 Million?

And it clicked with me at that moment, I knew that we had given our life away, given our freedom away. We had given control over our life to someone else—our employer—for a little bit of health insurance, a little bit of job security. And this person thought because they paid my paycheck and bought me that insurance, that they could tell me what was more important than my child.

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How I Went from Making $14,000 to Six Figures

I was making about $14,000 a year when I became pregnant with my daughter… I was nowhere near my family, I didn’t even have a car or a driver’s license, and within a few months later, I didn’t have a fiancé either. So how did I go from that point to being a lawyer earning a six-figure salary? Well…

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Gaby Dunn Wants You to Not Be Bad With Money [Explicit]

Talking about our financial situation is ‘too personal,’ and most of us carry a lot of embarrassment about our money situation. So, why are we more inclined to discuss sex than money? Why do so many of us continue to struggle with money despite all the available advice? Why do we feel so much shame around being ‘bad with money’?

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Saving 50% of Your Income (While Making Less Than $40K)

In her twenties she had 40 jobs, including dishwasher, stripper economist, social worker, tax preparer, organic farmer, bagel deliverer, zine librarian, database wizard, and bicycle valet. She has lived in a geodesic dome made of recycled political yard signs and ridden trains in 31 countries. She is pretty good at saving money.

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