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Should I Invest or Pay Off Debt?

I always say there are two resources when it comes to investing for your retirement: time and money. Money, most of us don’t have when we’re young, right? So you don’t have a lot to invest, but you do have a lot of time, and you should take advantage of that, because the more time that your money is in the market, is invested, then the more it’s gonna grow.

So you don’t want to necessarily give up on those years of investing—at the same time, you have this debt to contend with and it seems kind of silly to… start investing when you’re still paying off debt, right? I think that’s kinda the psychology that most people have.

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Index Fund Investing: It’s a Grower Not a Shower

We have all heard stories of people losing life savings from investing in Enron or people who invested too heavily in dotcoms when that bubble burst in 2000. These are real risks that influence real dollars. It is irresponsible to jump into the market with both feet if you don’t know what you are doing.

So now that you are ready to just stuff your cash in your mattress rather than invest in the market, let me tell you about index fund investing.

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