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Ways to Save: Goodbye Paper Products!

Getting ahead financially on such a small income requires what I call a ‘death of a thousand paper cuts’ in regards to finances. Yes, there are a few big things you can cut and feel amazing about. The low hanging fruit, cable and what not. After that? It’s much harder, and it’s a couple bucks here and a tenner there. Here is one way I cut costs over time that continues to this day.

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10 Extreme Ways to Cut Costs

If you’re trying to get out of debt, or if you’re trying to save for something specific, or maybe you’re just trying to have more wiggle room in your monthly budget, this is going to help you find some ways to save money or cut costs. Or at least, I hope so. They’ve helped us!

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Saving 50% of Your Income (While Making Less Than $40K)

In her twenties she had 40 jobs, including dishwasher, stripper economist, social worker, tax preparer, organic farmer, bagel deliverer, zine librarian, database wizard, and bicycle valet. She has lived in a geodesic dome made of recycled political yard signs and ridden trains in 31 countries. She is pretty good at saving money.

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