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Documents You Need to File Your 2018 Tax Return

So before you start working with your tax preparer or open up your tax software, either the package you bought or downloaded or are using via Free File (yes, it’s already open), here are some things to think about and documents that you might need to do the job.

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6 Unfair Costs of Being A Woman

I think it’s important to talk about because while it’s true that women have made huge progress in terms of financial, professional, and personal equality over the past few decades, there are still tons of areas where our gender impacts us, especially financially. And I wanted to explore a few of the areas in which we are seriously still paying for our womanhood.

If you’re a women, it might be nice to know that on some of these fronts it’s not all in your head. And if you’re not a women, it might be useful for you to understand what we are dealing with.

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10 Financial Goals to Conquer in Your 30s

Now, it is no surprise that most rich people are reviewing their goals and making goals. Author Thomas Corley, Rich Habits, found that 62% of all rich people not just set goals but they review them every single day. When is the last time you reviewed your goals?

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