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Advocating for Women Has Helped My Career

The more common vocal feminist men are, the better. Women will know that they will be supported when they come forward and tell their stories. Men will know that there will be social consequences to being sexist.

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Women, Financial Independence and Changing the Conversation

I know that everyone who says the word ’empower’ and talks about ’empowering women’ means it in a positive way. Or at least, I hope most people do. But there’s something about that—we were talking earlier about ‘words matter’—that suggests someone granting power. That someone else has that power, and they’re deigning to give us a little piece of it. And that’s something that’s always felt weird to me. I think the thing for us to do is not to sit here and wait for someone to say ‘you may have some power.’ It’s to f— seize that power!

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6 Unfair Costs of Being A Woman

I think it’s important to talk about because while it’s true that women have made huge progress in terms of financial, professional, and personal equality over the past few decades, there are still tons of areas where our gender impacts us, especially financially. And I wanted to explore a few of the areas in which we are seriously still paying for our womanhood.

If you’re a women, it might be nice to know that on some of these fronts it’s not all in your head. And if you’re not a women, it might be useful for you to understand what we are dealing with.

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