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How I Went from Making $14,000 to Six Figures

I was making about $14,000 a year when I became pregnant with my daughter… I was nowhere near my family, I didn’t even have a car or a driver’s license, and within a few months later, I didn’t have a fiancé either. So how did I go from that point to being a lawyer earning a six-figure salary? Well…

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Financial Independence Means Following Your Passions

With my history of settling for jobs to pay the bills, I had bought into a mindset that following your dreams was impossible. It didn’t happen all at once either. Because I am the type of person to fully commit to what I am doing, I slowly formed underlying beliefs that following my passions was a fool’s errand.

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My Reminder That Job Security is a Fantasy

This incident reminded me that when it comes to a job, no one cares about your qualifications or dedication to the organization. There are rules and procedures to be adhered to, and if you step outside of those, your employer holds the power to end your livelihood in a matter of days—or less.

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