The Best Personal Finance Content for Middle Incomes

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The Best Personal Finance Content for Middle Incomes

We’re here to highlight the best personal finance content for people with middle incomes. We want to make awesome blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, and everything in between accessible and easy to find.

Each day Monday through Thursday, you’ll find 1-3 great pieces of content featured on our website and across our social media accounts. On Fridays, one of our curators will put together a themed roundup of links, centered around a personal finance topic that’s near and dear to the curator’s heart.

Who are these mysterious curators? A bunch of volunteers from the independent online personal finance community who have a passion for knowledge and the middle class. There’s a short bio at the bottom of each feature to let you know who curated that piece or that roundup. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see mine as an example—hello!)

In addition to curating amazing pieces to read, watch, and listen to, we’re also building a directory of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and more who have taken what we like to call “The Middletons Pledge.” This is simply a promise to create their personal finance content with middle incomes in mind. The directory will let you find content creators who are specially tailoring their work to your needs. A match made in Middletonland!

Stay Tuned!

The directory (and much more) is coming soon. We hope that you enjoy the pieces we feature every day, and that you will join us to continue the conversation on Twitter and in our private Facebook group.


Stephonee and the Middletons Team

Photo Credit: David Johnson